Our brand story: Together we are part of people's lives
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How quickly the world changes. And how quickly technology changes with it. Constantly searching for ways of connecting people with each other is what drives us. Our mission is to make life easier, safer and more beautiful. We don’t see high quality mobile technology as a goal but as a means of achieving our common objective: enabling our customers to be part of people’s lives.

Our new identity

Over the years, CM has changed as business. CM envisions more than ever to connect businesses to people, people to businesses and to enable its customers to be part of people's lives. 

We would like to present our new visual identity, our new logo and brand new website which together represent what we stand for: reliable, enabling and connecting. 

Visit our new website cm.com and experience the new usability of our products for Text, Talk, Pay and Access.


The new brand identity brings a lot of improvements if it comes to website usability and design. Some examples are:

Your feedback

We're always improving the usability and design of our website and platform so you can communicate and interact with your audiences, fast and easy, through the channels you desire in order to be part of their lives. 

We are convinced that these improvements will make our platform better and faster. That said, we're always open for other improvements and your feedback. Please contact us to tell what we can improve for you, we'd love to hear your story!

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Behind the scenes: 
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